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We are striving our best to make our private hire car and transportation services top quality and always meet the customers/clients’ requirements.

To achieve our target, we “efindcars” herein referred as “eFC” have designed certain terms and conditions.

If you intend to hire our services, you’re agreed to bound our terms and conditions.

Please carefully read the following terms and conditions before making any bookings and/or hiring our services.

Note: If you do not agree with our pre-described terms and conditions for bookings, unfortunately/regrettably, you may not be able to book/hire our service on our website. If you make any booking(s) erroneously, such booking(s) will not be considered and shall be cancelled as soon as we get to know about it.

All the provisions/clauses/sub-clauses of the terms and conditions are valid as per applicable laws in the country. At any time, if any term(s)/clause(s)/sub-clause(s) of the terms and conditions become void and/or illegal, we will immediately amend our terms and conditions and/or delete the certain term(s)/clause(s)/sub-clause(s) immediately.

If you require any information/clarification about booking, you are encouraged to contact us our customer support before booking/hiring our service.


Clause 1: Services Contract

1.1: eFindCars acts as an agent for a group of transport service providers in Italy and the contract for the provision of the transportation service is between you and the 3rd party service provider.

1.2: By booking a service from our website, you are entering into a contract with the service provider and not efindcars. You agree to be legally bound by these terms and conditions when you make a reservation.

1.3: When you submit your request for service, your reservation details are sent to the service provider and only when he/she accepts your reservation a confirmation email is sent to you and the contract between you and the service provider is formed.

Flight Information

In order to get your car at an airport, you must ensure that you provide complete and accurate information for the flight arrival or departure times. In case this information is not available instantly, please reach out to us at least 7 days before the flight to confirm the timings. Failure to do so might result in cancellation of your registration.


Complete and accurate information especially the address for the clients must be provided in case delivery is to be received at your accommodation. At times, a delivery charge will be applied to bring the car to your doorstep.

Rate Calculation

The charge for the rental is always on period of a complete 24 hours. The charges vary on the localities. The rates for extended hire periods are higher than the regular rates. In case you want to get your hire periods extended, you can contact us and ask for extensions. In turn, if you decide to pre-book our rentals, you could take advantage of the lower rates for our rentals.


Any promotional offers including discount and free extras may be offered only if services are available. In case of unavailability of service, the promotions cannot be availed.


In case of any taxes or duties, efindcars reserves the right to adjust its prices and rates. However, in case the rates are not acceptable to any customers they have the right to cancel their registration.

Driving Licence

All drivers are to ensure that they provide correct details of all licenses. They are required to submit their driving license that is valid and at least an year old. Efindcars will not accommodate requests for reimbursements caused by a non-production of driving license. No photocopies are acceptable and the driver must always carry original license during a rental

Charges for Extra Drivers

When it comes to additional drivers, extra charges may apply. The service may also be subject to the availability of such drivers. In some locations charges may apply for additional drivers, please check with our reservations department at time of booking. Rentalcargroup.com cannot be held responsible for any increase in charges.


Efindcars reserves the right to be compensated in case of any overloading and withdraw its consent to the use of its cars. Please ensure that you choose a suitable vehicle for all the passengers that you want.


Although efindcars allows flexibility in letting our customers decide where they want to take our cars and our driver, we understand that border restrictions may have a bearing on conduct. Therefore, we advise that each customer inform the reservations department before they register if they intend to drive outside city or country limits.

Late Charges

As stated earlier, the charges are calculated on 24 hour time periods. However, in keeping with its commitment to flexibility, customer are allowed up to half an hour to return the vehicle after the 24-hour period is up. Failure to do so will result in a charge of up to an entire day’s worth of fee.

Special Requests

Although efindcars does everything it can to accommodate all and any type of requests for its customers, some requests may not be as small. So, in case our customers want to make special requests like roof racks or ski racks they must inform before they register. Of course, the provision of these services depends on the availability.

Credit Card

Although efindcars is flexible with payment procedures, any payments to efindcars must come from a credit card on your own name.

Time Considerations for Pick ups

Any customer that have reserved a car for themselves and a time for pick up must ensure that they arrive on time. If they fail to show up within half an hour, the reservation will lapse and the car may be allotted to another customer. In case that you understand that there will be a delay, you should contact your local office and explain your situation in order to avoid a reservation lapse.

Vehicle Suitability

Efindcars reserves the right to change the model of car that is to be allotted to a customer with a similar car. In case the vehicle is not of similar nature and hence unsuitable for your purpose you can object and the service will give you a suitable vehicle. If no objection is raised, efindcars will not accept any liability because of the change of model.


If any mechanical difficulties arise during the course of your travel in our cars, the details of the issue must be reported immediately to the closest office. In case, an accident takes place, you must follow a similar protocol, but also inform local police and attain a signed police report. Furthermore, full details of all involved parties should also be obtained.

In such a case, an insurance company is likely to become involved and hence the approval to undertake repairs must be obtained from efindcars. Furthermore, the documentation for rentals must always be kept safe.

Refunds and Cancellation

Since efindcars does not charge complete reservation fee upon registration and only a deposit, all refunds and cancellation relate to this deposit. We allow free cancellation up to 48 hours before your rental starts or 7 days after registering. In such cases, all cancellations must be made through email.

However, no refund is allowed in case of a failure to pick up your car (even because you were unable to provide the right documents for pickup). At times when you voluntarily return your vehicle early or at times when you voluntarily downgrade the vehicles you have booked.

If you have any query, feel free to contact us.