Top 17 Upcoming Festivals & Events in Italy 2020

Italy is famous for wonderful festivals and events in the world. In this article, we are going to share some top festivals and Events in Italy which are going to be held in 2020.

So, if you are planning to visit Italy, make sure you plan your trip in that way so you can enjoy your vacations along with famous festivals and events in Italy.

Upcoming Festivals & Events in Italy

1# Peace of Lodi

Peace of Lodi is celebrated in Italy as a good and peaceful event because this was an agreement between Milan and Naples on 11 April to stop the war between these two cities.

2# All Saints day

All saints day is celebrated in Italy on November 1st. This is a day which Italians celebrate in the memory of all the dead souls and martyred and pray for them.

3# Feast of our lady good health

This event is celebrated on 21st November. This is a religious event and celebrated by crossing a bridge beautifully and reaching the church.

4# Christmas

Christmas is a big day in Italy all Italians are celebrated with the full of happiness and joy on 25th of December. There are a lot of Christmas trees all over the country and a lot of decorations to celebrate this event.

5# St Stephen day

St Stephen day is celebrated on 26th of December after Christmas this day is celebrate in all over the Italy with the family and friends by going out of their homes some of the people in Italy thinks it’s a boxing  day and other celebrate this day by having outing.

6# New Year

New year is a big event and this day is celebrated in all the Italy by full of happiness on 1st January and all Italians have a public holiday and welcome the new year of the calendar by wearing new dresses and having fun with the family and friends.

7# Epiphany

Epiphany is the religious festival celebrated on 6th January by purchasing some gifts for baby Jesus there is a national holiday on the 6th of January in Italy.

8# Palio of siena

Palio of siena is a cultural festival in Italy this event is celebrated in the month of July all people enjoy the horse racing on this event.

9# Summer music festival

Summer music festival is a traditional event in Italy celebrated in the month of August. this events is celebrated with the full of joy and happiness and there are musical concerts in all over the Italy.

10# Almond blossom festival

Almond blossom festival is celebrated in the first month of February. This event is celebrated to welcome the spring season this is the cultural event of Italians. In all over the Italy this event is celebrated in the different ways and manners.

11# Pisan New Year

If you travelling to Italy in Match then get ready yourself for the another new year Pisan new year is a another New year celebrated in Italy this is a traditional way of Italians to welcome the year in the mid of the March in their way.

12# Easter

Easter is a religious festival celebrated in Italy on 1st April. This religious festival is celebrated all Italians by wearing new clothes and by spending their time with the family and friends.

13# Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious event in Italy which is celebrated on 10th April. All Italians celebrate this event by going to the church and by making prayers in their own way.

14# Anniversary of founding Rome

There is event of Celebrating the annual birthday of Rome on 21st April in all the Italy. This traditional event is celebrated very happily in all over the Italy.

15# Labor Day

International workers day celebrated on 1st of May in Italy for remembering the efforts and work of the all workers and labors in all the world. There is a public holiday in Italy on this day.

16# International Moonlight festival in Venice

Moonlight festival celebrated in the capital of northern Italy Venice. This event is celebrated by doing modern dancing on 29 May.

17# Milan Fashion Week 2020

This is one of the most famous fashion event which is going to be held in Milan, Italy. The dates are 18 February to 24 February 2020. If you are a fashion geek, must attend this event.

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